OmniFocus “Dropped” Actions Testing

by Brent Simmons on May 16, 2019

“Dropped” status for individual actions is coming up in the next releases of OmniFocus (for Mac and iOS). If you’re interested, and willing to run test builds, please sign up to help test!

This feature opens up workflows in lots of OmniFocus systems — most notably the ability to skip an instance of a repeating action.

Let us know how it goes! You can choose Contact Omni from the Help menu, or post to the Slack group in the #omnifocus channel.

The Omni Show: Tim Ekl, OmniFocus Engineer

by Brent Simmons on May 15, 2019

In the latest episode, we talk with Tim Ekl, OmniFocus engineer, about what parts of OmniFocus he works on. (A big part of it is model code and syncing.)

We also talk about life before Omni, about how his Rose-Hulman professor Curt Clifton came to Omni on sabbatical and then suggested Tim apply for a job.

Then there are the hobbies. Turns out Tim likes to run servers. Well, who doesn’t? :)

macOS 10.14.5 Fixes Compatibility Issue with OmniOutliner and OmniPlan

by Brent Simmons on May 13, 2019

In a previous blog post, we noted a compatibility issue: in macOS 10.14.4, some OmniOutliner and OmniPlan documents (large documents, generally) wouldn’t display.

We’re very happy to report that our testers have verified that macOS 10.14.5, released today, fixes that bug.

If you’re running 10.14.4, we strongly recommend that you upgrade.

Side note: Apple’s release notes actually say “Fixes an issue that prevented certain very large OmniOutliner and OmniPlan documents from rendering properly.” Their release notes don’t usually mention specific third-party apps! But this time it made sense.

Technical note, for the curious: OmniOutliner and OmniPlan use Core Animation layers, and the bug appears to have been related to very large numbers of layers. Now fixed!

New Inside OmniGraffle Tip: On Saving Time with the Style Tray

by Brent Simmons on May 13, 2019

The Style Tray is one of those time-savers that not every OmniGraffle user knows about — but they should! So we wrote up a tip that explains how to use it.

We plan to write more tips — in fact, we’ve got a whole to-do list of tips to write up.

If you use an RSS reader, you can keep up by subscribing to the Inside OmniGraffle feed.

Or keep watching this blog, or keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, or on our microblog.

OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac Available Now

by Brent Simmons on May 9, 2019

OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac simplifies deployment for customers who want to take advantage of the App Store’s Volume Purchase Program.

(Yes, we previously released OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac, and this is exactly the same idea.)

For most customers, we recommend our normal edition of OmniPlan. It uses in-app purchases to support free two-week trials, Standard and Pro levels of functionality, and upgrade discounts.

The list price and the functionality of OmniPlan Pro are the same in both apps.

If you have any questions about site licenses, volume discounts, or business or organizational purchases, please email

You can read more about the Volume Purchase Program (and related Apple business and IT topics) on Apple’s site at Apple at Work.

App icon for OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac.