Concerning breakfast foods

Fairly often here at ye olde Omni Group we get breakfast for lunch, and when it occurs there is much rejoicing. I myself am a simple man, eggs and sausage (or bacon: sweet, lovely, bacon) and some form of breakfast potatoes are all I require. Pancakes (or flapjacks or hotcakes) are a special treat for me, and I love them dearly.

So, last week we were fortunate enough to have french toast (a rare delicacy here due to the nature of preparing them) and we all got on with our favorite breakfast foods.

Tom and Brian proved to be big fans of aebleskivers. (Brian claims that they are both a breakfast food and a home defense technology)

Michaela thinks that poffertjes are the best ever, offered in hot-dog style carts in Amsterdam.

Liz in turn started craving maandazi (apparently hailing from Africa, Wikipedia has let me down here).

Much discussion of breakfast potatoes transpired (I like me some home fries, Rowan prefers the Potatoes Deluxe from the Streamliner Diner on Bainbridge Island (where he used to work).

Bill wanted more pancakes, going so far as to recommend pankeggs which some thought involved beer of some kind, Brian pointed out that McMeniman's stout is used in a recipe at the Kennedy School in Portland.

So, what's your preference for breakfast goodness? Let us know and we can try to convince Terry to serve it up some time.