In this episode of The Omni Show, we're joined by Dr. Luc Beaudoin, adjunct professor of education at Simon Fraser University and head of CogSci Apps. We discuss the importance of contextual computing and the concept of ubiquitous linking, which aims to make the operation of copying and using links universal across applications and devices.

In this episode of the Omni Show, we have a special post-WWDC roadmap update with Ken Case, the CEO of the Omni Group. Ken expands on his most recent blog post, where shares valuable updates from Apple WWDC developer conference.

Apple's annual developer conference (WWDC) always brings exciting news about what will be coming to their platform, and this year's news about Apple Intelligence is no exception! After briefly reflecting on the app updates we've shipped already this year, we look ahead to what Apple Intelligence brings to the platform and how that affects our development roadmap for future updates.

June 26, 2024

In this episode, we interview Brian Hogan, the Director of Developer Education at Temporal Technologies. He shares how Omni software allows him to manage his workload and template his lesson plans to teach more effectively. We also discuss the value of capturing tasks for accountability, using the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize, and utilizing OmniFocus to create clarity.

OmniFocus 4.3 is now available—universally across Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro!  This release introduces support for device Focus Filters, a new Favorite Perspective shortcut, and much more.

Today, we have a really smart, inspiring guest, plus we’re excited to share a new experiment we're trying out: our very first video episode of The Omni Show! We plan to try some more experimental episodes in video format; so, we would love to hear any feedback you might have. If you enjoy the video version of the show, we’d appreciate a “like” and a “subscribe”.

In today’s episode of The Omni Show, we interview Jonathan Sorum, head of Google Cloud's Center for Excellence Telco team. Jonathan shares his journey with OmniFocus and how it became an essential tool in managing his demanding and diverse responsibilities across global telecommunications partnerships.

In this episode of The Omni Show, we reconnect with Tim Stringer, the founder of Learn OmniFocus and Technically Simple. Tim, an expert in OmniFocus coaching and consulting since 2010, shares how his approach has remained consistent, with an emphasis on refinement and efficiency even while testing the latest OmniFocus updates.

In this engaging episode of the Omni Show, CEO Ken Case talks about the Omni Group's innovative 2024 roadmap. Ken and Andrew highlight Omni’s commitment to embracing new technologies - like Apple Vision Pro and visionOS. They discuss the transformation of productivity apps through 3D interaction and Voice Control.

In this special episode of The Omni Show, we celebrate the launch of OmniFocus 4 with Omni Group CEO, Ken Case, and Product Manager, Ainsley Bourque Olson. We delve into the exciting new features and improvements of OmniFocus 4, with its more approachable interface for new users while retaining the powerful capabilities our existing customers love.

Discover the incredible world of automation with Gabriel, a productivity guru and automation developer. With his expertise in programming languages like Haskell, JavaScript, and Python, Gabriel has revolutionized the way he manages his life and work using OmniFocus. By custom programming and automating tasks, Gabriel has unlocked a new level of efficiency, precision, and time-saving.