Catching Up on The Omni Show

You may have seen our earlier note announcing our new podcast, The Omni Show. We publish a new episode every two weeks, on Wednesdays. It’s usually about 30 minutes long.

We’re about to hit a major milestone. Number 10 — double digits! — will be published this Wednesday. This episode will feature Dave Lonning, Documentation Wrangler.

Recent episodes include interviews with Orion Protonentis, Software Test Pilot and swashbuckler, and Ainsley Bourque Olson, OmniPlan PM, knitter, and Nova Scotian.

But the one you should listen to first is the interview with Ken Case on the Omni 2018 Roadmap — where you can hear, directly from Ken, about our plans for the year. The episode includes lots of detail about OmniFocus 3, which is in testing now, and which we’re very excited about.

Also note: there’s a transcript for every single show, which means you can read instead of listen. Sure — we always like to go for bonus points. But there are very good reasons why this should be a standard practice for podcasts. (Thanks go to our intrepid producer Mark Boszko for wanting this and making it happen.)