Wii are dedicated

I was trying to think of something for which I would be willing to 1) wait in line for 9 hours and 2) stay up past midnight (what can I say, I'm a devoted fan of sleep and sleep-related activities, such as snoring and/or drooling), and here's what I came up with: if iRobot came out with a new Roomba that could clean your whole house and make you dinner and also do your laundry, I'd wait in line for that sucker. Maybe even for 10 hours.

Sadly, iRobot has done no such thing yet (although I WILL NEVER LOSE HOPE), but for a number of OmniPeople, their own great and glorious much-anticipated product became available to a choice few this Saturday night:




It required camping out until midnight, but don't go feeling too sorry for them; apparently, there was hot chocolate.


And cupcakes. No one told me there would be cupcakes.


I'm pleased to report their dedication paid off…


…and lo, much gaming commenced back at Omni HQ, until FIVE in the MORNING.

Never fear, we have not abandoned our software development in lieu of Wii-ing (admit it, at least one of you was reaching angrily for that Comment button to say BUT WHAT ABOUT OMNIPRODUCTNAME?); we work hard, and we geek hard.

More photos of the Wii-acquisition party here.