When did YOU decide to let your Mac freak flag fly?

Thanks for all your ideas on the App Which Has Not Yet Been Named. My personal favorites, in no particular order:

â?¢ OmniNCF (â??non-cat findingâ?? app), suggested by WrongSizeGlass, who went on to include the following:

â?¨Someone: â??Hey, have you heard about Omniâ??s new application that canâ??t find cats?â??â?¨Someone Else: â??Phft. Microsoftâ??s had one for years.â??

â?¢ OmniCheesecake, because as Seth pointed out, what's, like, better than cheesecake?

â?¢ Finally, Vicki's idea: OmniBaffle. That way OmniGraffle could have a friend with whom to commiserate. (“Dude, everyone calls me OmniGiraffe.” “I know, man…I know.”)

We haven't decided on a name yet â?? code or otherwise â?? but now we have a veritable plethora of concepts, both serious and, uh, otherwise (Butterstick??). Stay tuned, I hope to have a useful update on this project's progress in a few weeks.


My 11-month old son has a book called Big Noisy Trucks and Diggers Demolition, which is a licensed product of, no kidding, Caterpillar Inc. (I suppose the gender-stereotypical equivalent marketed for little girls might be Fluffy Pink Ponies and Their Sparkly Anorexic Math-Hating Princess Friends.) The book details the thrilling adventures of demolition excavators and track loaders and so on, which I can tell you from first-hand experience is even more brain-numbing to read aloud than Sock Monkey Goes To Hollywood.

Anyway, while I don't guess that his Big Noisy Trucks book will prepare him for a future career in demolitions any more than his other books will help him become a Sock Monkey or a Very Hungry Caterpillar, I got to wondering about when it is that people start developing interests that stick with them throughout their lives.

Now for me, careerwise I was drawn to the fabulous art of Corporate Hyperbole at a young age because my aunt ran her own ad agency. Advertising/marketing seemed like such a glamorous, exciting world, especially after I learned that Campbell's Soup Company had very nearly accepted the joke soup name idea “Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Meat!”. As for hobbies, I discovered BBSes when I was 12 or so on our crusty, ancient DOS machine, and finally stepped up to a PowerMac in…maybe 1997? Which I used mainly for playing Lode Runner and surfing, oh the shame, AOL.

And lo, the results of a non-techie's interest in computers and the secret desire to someday include the words “Great Balls of Meat” in a company-sponsored marketing vehicle: this very blog. (I'm totally playing the theme from Chariots of Fire right now, by the way. Duh dum duh duh DUH duhh….)

Ahem. Moving on. To my POINT, which is…what about you? When did you start becoming interested in software, in Macs? Was it when you were a kid, or older, or? Tell us your story in the comments section!