What we've been working on lately

First things first, if you haven't already seen this incredible video, may I recommend doing so? You'll want to load it in HD full-screen mode, let it buffer, then just kick back and relax. (Via the always-awesome Kottke.)

Next up: what's Omni been doing lately? Let me break it down for you bullet-style:

• Preparing for Snow Leopard! Engineers are madly adding Snow Leopard updates to all our shipping apps, with the goal of having everything ready the day Snow Leopard is. I don't exactly know how this works, if they just … physically stuff an actual leopard in there, or what (aw, who's a snuggly? You are!), but they seem very busy.

• Starting sneaky peeks of OmniFocus 1.7! LOTS of changes in the works, and you can get the rundown here. Warning: running an alpha version isn't for everyone, but if you don't mind, you know, living on the edge a little, the very latest builds are being constantly made available via our sneaky peek page.

• OmniWeb 5.10 sneaky peek updating! Speaking of sneaky peeks (the more I type that term, the goofier it sounds. So SNEAKY, these peeks), the work-in-progress version of OmniWeb, 5.10, has just been updated with the latest WebKit (from Safari 4.0.3) and has several improvements to its built-in software update (including the ability to ignore a particular update).

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