What has iPhone done for YOU lately?

Hopefully you caught the news earlier today: OmniGraphSketcher is now final. Congratulations to the OGS team! And hey, if you've been wanting desperately to buy OmniGraphSketcher for all your graph sketching needs but couldn't do so because our store didn't support PayPal, you'd best be buying yourself a lottery ticket because THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY.

On a totally unrelated note, let's talk about iPhones! Specifically, what's the most useful/fun/cool thing you've done with your phone lately? I put this question to some of the Omni folk, and here are their answers:

Kris, Support Ninja: “I've settled many a “Where should we go?” hive-mind-cluster-fart by popping open the Yelp app and searching for nearby options. I've also bookmarked my own lil' Zagat Guide of the local places that I love, and places to check out when I travel. Being able to click a link to call for reservations, get a map with directions, or view real people's reviews make this app tremendously useful for me.”

Aaron, Sysadmin: “When we were in a car wreck I felt like I was living in one of those silly Apple ads. First I took out the phone to call the police (everyone was OK, BTW) followed by my insurance company. Then I snapped some pictures of the scene and damage to email to the claims adjuster. Finally, after everything was all written up I used the Google maps app to find the closest tow truck company and call them to come pick up my busted rig.”

Tim, VP Software Development: “I recently bought Jaadu VNC which lets you connect to your Mac's screen on the phone. So, my kids are in the office and I'm out sitting on the couch.  I connect to my machine and use Jaadu's keyboard to start using the “say” command in Terminal to freak them out.  I live in the future, where technology is good for evil.”

Bill, User Experience Lead: “I recently ditched my real camera because the iPhone 3G S camera is quite adequate for any photo or video I care to take. When I'm listening to the Wait Wait … Don't Tell Me! podcast, I like to switch over to YouTube and catch up on whatever current event they're talking about, because I usually have no idea. Uh, I have also used the Amazon app to photograph, research, and buy a book. While standing in the physical bookstore. *shame*”

My own example: last week I was parking in a totally unfamiliar part of Seattle, so I used Maps to drop a pin at my car's location. When I was ready to go home, instead of wandering the streets for hours on end weeping hysterically, I just pulled up walking directions to find my way back. Not only that, but since I'm so directionally challenged I find instructions like “walk south” to be completely meaningless, I used the compass to keep me heading the right way. OH IPHONE I LOVE YOU.

How about you guys? Have any how-my-phone-improved-my-life stories to share?