Using OmniFocus for travel-related information

I'm heading to Chicago for the BlogHer conference tomorrow, and as part of my last-minute preparations (which include charging an embarrassing number of electronic devices, because god forbid I become digitally detached for ONE HOT SECOND; also, packing several candy bars because 1) calories totally don't count when consumed during travel and 2) humans taste terrible, which is why if you crash in the mountains and are forced to consume the flesh of your fellow passengers, it's best to have a Snickers on hand for a nice palate-cleansing dessert), I've entered my travel-related information into OmniFocus.

My plan is to have a well-organized list of helpful information that I can access via my iPhone while I'm on the road and at the actual event. I started by creating a folder in my project list titled “BlogHer”, and then creating a few relevant projects.

In each project I entered the individual pieces of information I wanted to have on hand, like flight times, conference panels, sightseeing locations, and evening events. I put all associated data in the notes sections: panel descriptions, flight confirmation numbers, addresses, and so on.

Then I assigned contexts to everything, with one parent context called “BlogHer”, and sub-contexts titled “Travel” (where all my car service/flight/hotel information went), “Exploring” (the sightseeing stuff), “Agenda” (all the conference panels), and “Parties” (evening events and their locations).

I synched everything to my phone and it all looks like I expected, which is always a good thing. I can select the “BlogHer” context to view all those sub-contexts …

… and click on one to have the exact information I need, wherever I am.

This all seems pretty handy, but I can't help wondering if there's a better way to organize all this stuff. Those of you who have used OmniFocus while traveling, how do YOU set up your document? Any tips for making this even more useful?