The first post is the deepest

Hello, and welcome to The Omni Mouth, our charmingly-named outlet for All Things Omni. Well, not all things Omni, it's not like we'll be writing about…oh, the magnets on our snackroom refrigerator, or something. Like we'd be that self-obsessed and insipid! Please.

I mean, that's what our Flickr account is for.

Anyway, the plan is to provide you lovely people with frequent (“frequent” meaning “whenever we remember to do so”) updates on what The Omni Group is up to. We won't abandon our other methods of information dissemination, so if you are a fan of the carefully crafted, nutrient-rich press release, fear not–we'll continue to send out official conch trumpetings when new software versions are available.

Check back for news, tips, pithy vignettes, and a comical overuse of exclamation points.