The end of a dark era

Oh, OmniWeb 5.5 – How shiny and final you are!

However, the recently released revision is not the point nor purpose of this post.

Yes, gentle reader – It's me again, and it's about coffee. The Omni Espresso Machine has finally been fixed. The machine's broken status (as well as its top placement on the Colbert “On Notice” board) has plagued me for far too long now.

Not that I have anything particularly against the Zoka coffee shop next door, it's just that I'm the sort to demand that I be self-reliant when it comes to caffeination, so this whole “You can't make your own coffee/NOT YOURS” routine really got me down. Heck, I even took a week off in hopes that when I returned, OmniEspresso 2.0 would have been declared final and all that.

No such luck.

Apparently the whole dealio was so dire that we had to call in Doctor Duff to save the day. Duff, who is like some sort of coffee machine witch doctor, some sort of mocha medicine man, this koffee kahuna, a layer of hands for lattes, umm, well I just ran out of synonyms so I'll just cut it out right there. Anyways…

The good Dr. appeared, spent some time examining the chi of our espresso machine, and then took off again, presumably to go get an assortment of chicken heads or ashes of baristas gone past, and returned a few days later. Deftly deconstructing its innards, like a modern-day MacGyver he mended the machine without a part left over, and I'm pretty sure the thing can make rocket fuel now as well.

So, at long last, all is well in the world, or at least my little awakened apse of it, so long as nothing else goes wrong with the machine I can go back to spending my time on OmniGraffle, apart from the occasional klatch.