That's a lot of Dreamcasts

Bill has now received his fifth Sega Dreamcast.

He claims that his third one (bought for parts) smells bad. The second one was pink. The pink one had some sort of mechanical error, so there's reason for number three. The smelly Dreamcast had its GD-ROM drive transplanted to the pink one (the GD-ROM did not smell bad). The fourth one was given to him by Brian, however it sits still underneath Bill's desk, unopened.

The first one (it was a limited edition Dreamcast, replete with the project manager's picture on the box and a cellphone trinket) was sold after acquiring the pink one.

His new one is also pink. He also has a large number of pink controllers and one pink keyboard (never used).

Smelly Dreamcast is currently encased in ziploc (minus GD-ROM drive).

Bill's Dreamcast wishlist:

- Broadband adapter (preferably in pink)

- Shenmue 3