Teeny-tiny office supplies


Molly found these very very small office supplies that somehow or other came with the booth at the Macworld Expo or perhaps were secreted into our space by tiny molemen who visit us from another dimension, at this point I am completely unsure.

The set includes a small stapler, a tiny tape dispenser, and a half-pinted hole punch. Not shown are the petite post-it notes and the confusingly normal-sized paper clips and rubber bands.

Bill is of the opinion that they resemble the application icons of Panic, and I tend to agree – Cabel, if you ever decide to start making office supplies instead of awesome software, it looks like you may have a little (snicker) competition.

I'm all for miniaturization, but please, let's do so with small (another snicker) doses. Surprisingly, the word nano doesn't appear to anywhere near the small case these came in.