Software we like

I thought it would be interesting to find out what non-Omni software our employees enjoy using, and share that information with the rest of you. You know, paying it forward, just like that endearing movie with Kevin Spacey. Get out the hankies!

Or…not. Anyway, via an email tangent that came about during the polling process, I learned that out of 24 employees, NINE of us are left-handed. Isn't that amazing? Aren't you totally freaking out right now?

I mean, considering 13-30% of the population is left-handed, that practically makes Omni a team of mutants. Like the X-Men. Personally, I hope my thus-undiscovered superpower has to do with setting things on fire…with my mind. I'll start with Paris Hilton. You're welcome.

Onward to the software recommendations! Note that I asked for “lesser-known” apps, because you've probably already heard of a little thing called iTunes.

Aaron: iSquint. “It's pretty awesome.”

Joel: “I used to play Tranquility a lot, nice pleasant game.”

Ryan: “My vote is for TextWrangler and SuperDuper! (sic) - I use both everyday.”

Terry: “Final Draft - script writing; Ableton Live - audio/loops; Waves - Audio Plugins; ARTURIA minimoog V - soft synthesizer.”

Liz: “Snapz Pro X – that screenshot-grabbing app plus a little mark-up in Graffle makes it really easy for me to communicate with our engineers about bugs and UI improvements.”

James: “TextMate, Quicksilver, and Adium are 3 that I really like.”

Troy: “Here's something that I've been using a lot lately…Art Collector: a small app that makes adding artwork to your itunes library a breeze.”

Brian: Endicia, “'cause getting your face on postage is cool, especially when it's written by Pat and Aaron of buyolympia fame.”

Tim: “The 3rd party things I use most often are pretty common and well known :/ (TextMate, Quicksilver, SuperDuper!)

Ken: “I have just one app in my dock that isn't from Omni or Apple: Quicksilver.”

Bill: “I have a lot of happy apps I love to use: Transmit, SubEthaEdit, Tensai, Chax, ChronoSync, Delicious Library, iScrobbler, LaunchBar, NetNewsWire, Teleport.” (Damn, Bill. Rock on with your software-loving self.)

As for me, the most exciting software I've used lately is Barcode Producer. It generates barcodes, like for retail packaging. Handy if you need to, say, produce a whole new size of retail box required by the Apple Stores that renders your entire line of inventory obsolete. You know. For example.

So there you are. If you're of a mind, let us know what cool apps you're using, too.