Short webby round-up

Gathered from around the webernet for your viewing pleasure, here are a few links that may be of interest to you, O Faithful Omni Blog Reader!

• A six-part series of short video tutorials for OmniGraffle at Alexander Interactive.

• At, version 3 of their OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils.

• For those who manage web development projects, a free OmniPlan template from Simon Surtees, and a method for using OmniPlan to price a freelance web dev job from Journal-ism.

• From John Kendrick's blog, a post on using people as contexts in OmniFocus. (As for me, I only have one personal context in my OmniFocus document, titled “Clive Owen”. Its related actions: “Heave wistful sigh while absentmindedly twirling hair”, “Rent Sin City … again”, “Doodle I ♥ Clive on Trapper Keeper”, etc.)

• A nicely balanced account of Jeremy's experience with both OmniFocus and Things.

• And just for fun and general awesomeness, a recipe for peanut butter bacon cookies. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.