Sending confidential documents to Omni, and the gibberish-izer

The other day I heard one of my coworkers mention OmniPlan's gibberish-izer, and while it gave me pause I figured they were referring to some code-related whatchamadingie and calling attention to the fact that I was out of the vernacular loop would only serve to underscore the misperception that marketing weasels are kind of mouth-breathy when it comes to technical stuff.

(I mean, clearly this isn't true—just look how masterfully I threw out the term “whatchamadingie” just now! Surely that makes up for my ongoing failure to make any sense of words such as “grep”, “sudo”, and that embarrassing misunderstanding regarding “zombies”.)

As it turns out, though, there is in fact an actual gibberish-izer built into both OmniPlan and OmniGraffle. It probably has a real feature name and everything, but since no one bothered to ask ME what to name it (hello, MUMBO-JUMBOTRON! Could there be a better name? Don't step too close, now, or you'll get my sheer unrelenting genius all over you, and that stuff will stain), I'll just tell you that it's a clever bit of functionality that garbles the data in the documents you send us.

If you choose “Send Feedback” from the Help menu in OmniPlan, you'll get an option to include a copy of your document with your email. If you'd like to gibberish-ize it, OmniPlan will replace all your tasks, resources, and notes with random boring names like “Task 17” and “Resource 5”. This way, we can take a look at the structure of your document and help you figure out any problems you might be having, but all your confidential information is protected.



With OmniGraffle, we give you the option to convert all text to gibberish (text is actually replaced with little x's, like dead fish eyeballs!). So, whatever your nefarious plans and diagrams may be, you can always email them to us … without, you know, sharing everything with us.

The More You Know™!