Reminder about Helpify, the OmniOutliner tool for creating help documents

Liz, one of our esteemed Test Pilots, was reading Programming Ruby with Cocoa (because this is what the smart people at Omni do in their spare time, probably while I'm watching The Soup and snarfling about how Joel McHale makes fun of them there Kardashian girls, haw haw haw) and noticed a shout-out to Helpify, an Omni/William Van Hecke Joint.

What's Helpify, you ask? Well, duh, we DID mention it exactly once almost twelve months ago on our blog. I can't believe you missed it! Next you'll be telling me how you don't read “every single post” because “the ones by your marketing person suck”.

As a reminder, Helpify is a cool Python tool our User Experience Lead, Bill, built for formatting OmniOutliner 3 files into help documents. I'm not totally sure if he used actual pythons to assemble it, or what—I'd probably know more about this stuff if I didn't watch so much crap TV—but apparently it lets you author help contents with automatic formatting, indexing, and navigation. The properly formatted help books can then be dropped into your app.

Remember, in this country, you gotta make the help first. Then when you get the help, you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.

Ahem. Anyway! You can read more about Helpify on Bill's original post, and download Helpify here.