Q & A with Omni

I was trying to think of some exciting Omni news to share with you, and I found myself writing up a post that told you all about how our snack room fridge magnets currently spell out “FAMOUS LIPIDS” and what could that mean, and then I had to look up “lipids” because I wasn't sure what they were, and then I got distracted by wikipedia when I learned the daily requirement of lipids is 382 grams per day, which made me wonder if I am getting enough lipids, whatever they are, and then I decided that if those Halloween-sized “100 Grand” bars contain any lipids at all, I'm probably doing JIM FLIPPING DANDY in the lipid department.

Also, maybe I should cut back on the sugar for a while.

Anyway! Obviously it would be totally unprofessional and lame to post some kind of crazy blog entry about lipids, so instead I thought I'd offer up the chance for you to ask us questions – from “how do I get OmniWeb to do X” to “jeez, just how many cats do you people have” – and I'll do my best to get them answered and posted here throughout the week.

Ready? Go ahead, ask away. I'll just be, um, making absolutely sure that I've got all my lipids for the day week month year.