Page layout with OmniGraffle

We talk a lot about all the awesome things you can represent with OmniGraffle, like wireframes, functional flow charts, heck, even your breakfast. You can use OmniGraffle to fill out forms, communicate ideas, or design a strategy game. Or put together a crochet pattern! Or plan your pool room!

It's our most versatile piece of software, and the one that's often hardest to describe. At least for someone like me, who might hear “diagramming” and think, hurrrrrrgh, org charts. Blech. Thanks but no. Process diagrams? Yeah, well, if I need someone to document the nightly 3 AM wakeup calls in our house, I'll … oh wait, I already did.

(PS: good lord, I made that document in 2006. And we then had a SECOND CHILD. Who is STILL WAKING US UP.)

(PPS: This is why all my blog posts suck. I haven't slept in three freaking years.)

Anyway, for all the fancypants diagramming and information communication-fu OmniGraffle is capable of, it also happens to be a perfect program for page layout. I've used it to create holiday cards, brochure mockups, missing-pet posters (more than one, even, because either our pets are dumb or we are terrible owners), and most recently, a basic flyer for software resellers.

It's easy to get text and graphics exactly how you want them to look, the smart guides make lining everything up a breeze, and you don't have to wrestle with a desktop publishing app to get professional-looking results. Yeah, you could do something like this in a word processor, but why not repeatedly stab your eyes with a grapefruit spoon while you're at it?

Do you ever use OmniGraffle as a page layout program? What sorts of documents are you making with it?