OmniFocus 3.11 for iOS Adds New Widgets

by David Lonning on November 9, 2020

Since iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 were announced, we’ve been hard at work developing updates to go along with their exciting new features.

Last month we introduced OmniFocus 3.10 for iOS with support for the new iOS 14 date picker, making it easier than ever to set and update dates in the inspector.

Today we are happy to announce that OmniFocus 3.11 for iOS is here, bringing eagerly anticipated new iOS 14 widget designs to OmniFocus for the first time.

OmniFocus 3.11 for iOS adds a curated set of widgets that you can add to the Today View or your Home Screen to access your most used perspectives and most timely action items from wherever you are on your device. This includes:

  • A Forecast widget with a calendar view for today and the days ahead

  • A Perspective Items widget with a list of upcoming items in a perspective of your choice

Both of these are available in small, medium, and large widget sizes, and can have their font size customized to suit your needs. The update also includes a New Inbox Item widget—a large, friendly button for immediately opening OmniFocus to add a new item to your Inbox.

We’re hard at work finishing up our next update for OmniFocus for Mac compatible with Big Sur—and shortly after that, Big Sur widgets come to the Mac as well. Stay tuned for these updates in the coming weeks!

OmniFocus 3.11 for iOS is available as a free upgrade for all OmniFocus subscribers and all owners of OmniFocus 3 for iOS. To see how OmniFocus can help you accomplish more every day, start your free trial by downloading OmniFocus 3 for iOS from the iOS App Store.

OmniFocus for the Web Adds Support for Custom Perspectives

by Ken Case on October 27, 2020

Many busy professionals choose OmniFocus because of its power and flexibility, helping them tame the chaos and focus on the right tasks at the right time. We have some exciting news to share today for OmniFocus for the Web users, but first I’d like to talk about where we started and our progress to date.

When we launched OmniFocus for the Web, we included the core set of built-in perspectives from our first iPhone app. These built-in perspectives let you work with task lists from your inbox, project lists, and tag lists, giving you different ways to slice and dice your tasks.

We also included basic support for filtering those lists, so you could focus on:

  • your remaining incomplete items,
  • available items (that aren’t blocked by an earlier task or a defer date),
  • the first available items from each project (so you can see the next action that will move those projects forward), or
  • the entire list (including completed and dropped tasks) so you can view the full history of a project.

After launching OmniFocus for the Web, we immediately turned our attention to adding our trademark Forecast perspective, which displays upcoming tasks on a calendar so that you’re not surprised when a due date arrives.

We’ve done several other minor updates since then, but today marks the moment many of our web customers have been waiting for—the day we take the web app beyond those basic features and add support for our most important Pro feature.

OmniFocus for the Web now has support for viewing custom perspectives!

With custom perspectives, you can customize your own views in OmniFocus to truly make the app your own. You can set up personalized combinations of filter rules to show you the items you’re most interested in, and those custom perspectives are synced to all your devices. Want to see every flagged task related to work that hasn’t been completed, grouped by when you last edited those tasks? Or perhaps you want to pull up a list of everything you have finished, grouped by completion date? Or see everything in your Family folder tagged with Errand or Groceries, but not if it contains the word “egg” or belongs to a project tagged Birthday?

OK, that last example is a bit ridiculous, I know, but all of these views are easy to define using a custom perspective—and now that custom perspectives are supported in the web app you can access those perspectives from any desktop system.

(I should note that it’s not yet possible to create or edit custom perspectives using the web app: that process still happens on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We do want to support that eventually, but being able to view custom perspectives everywhere is a much higher priority than being able to edit them everywhere.)

Custom perspectives can be marked as favorites so that they always appear on your sidebar, and can even be bookmarked in your browser for direct access.

Because custom perspectives are much more flexible than the built-in perspectives we were previously displaying, we ended up building a whole new set of back-end APIs to support them. These newer APIs are more flexible, allowing more types of content in the presented outline to allow grouping by date and so on. And they also have much better performance for large databases. Even when testing large perspectives with tens of thousands of items, our new custom perspectives will display results in a blink of an eye.

This update is free for all OmniFocus subscribers (thank you for your support!). If you would like to give OmniFocus for the Web a try, you can start a free two-week trial at Cross-platform OmniFocus subscriptions are $9.99/month. If you already own OmniFocus for Mac, iPhone, or iPad, add a web-only subscription for just $4.99/month.


(Feedback? I’d love to hear from you! You can find me on Twitter at @kcase, or send me an email at

How Psychiatrist Kourosh Dini Maintains Balance with OmniFocus

by Omni on October 27, 2020

In this episode of The Omni Show, Andrew welcomes Kourosh Dini, a psychiatrist, musician, author, and productivity expert. For Kourosh, maintaining a balance between work and play is essential to boosting overall productivity.

In the podcast, Kourosh shares how he uses OmniFocus to keep track of everything—from running his practice to creating music, writing, and even playing video games. Kourosh believes “guided play”—scheduled time to do what brings you joy—is a concept anyone can apply by scheduling fun moments in the same way we do work tasks. Because OmniFocus allows Kourosh to prioritize, monitor, and allocate time spent on work and play—boosting productivity in both areas—it’s the only productivity software he trusts to effectively put his guided play strategy into action. With OmniFocus, Kourosh keeps a harmonious rhythm between what he has to do for work and what he’d like to do for play.

To learn more about how Kourosh uses OmniFocus to maintain balance—and his mindful approach to play and productivity—tune in to The Omni Show. Achieve more of your goals when you download OmniFocus for Mac—and if you have any questions or feedback, email Our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.

The Omni Show: How Entrepreneur Allen Pike Stays on Task with OmniFocus

by Omni on October 13, 2020

In this episode of The Omni Show, Andrew is joined by Allen Pike, co-founder of Steamclock Software, a software company that designs and develops a variety of apps in Vancouver, Canada. A self-described “pixel crafter,” Allen attributes the success of Steamclock Software—which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary—to building software that people love. The company’s latest passion project, “Two Spies,” was recently in the spotlight as a featured Apple app.

In the podcast, Allen shares how OmniFocus helps him prioritize what’s important versus what’s urgent. For Allen, having an accurate understanding of what needs to get done is an essential component in running an efficient business—and accomplishing his professional and personal goals. With OmniFocus, Allen gets the perspective and tools he needs to maintain workflows and boost productivity at work and at home, especially during the pandemic. Allen believes task management is a vital step in establishing and achieving goals. “I often actually encourage people to learn a bit about the relationship they have with their work, and what work they want to be doing—and how to prioritize it by working in a simpler system,” Allen says.

To tame chaos and maximize productivity at work and at home, download OmniFocus for Mac. And if you have any questions or feedback, email—our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.

OmniPlan 4.1 for Mac Adds Localizations

by David Lonning on October 12, 2020

OmniPlan 4.1 for Mac is now available, with localizations in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. This adds support for each language throughout the app in addition to the original English localization. To switch between localizations, update your Language & Region preferences in macOS General Settings.

OmniPlan 4.1 Localized Gantt View

OmniPlan 4.2 Localized Resource View

Beyond support for the languages listed above, the update includes additions to the English-language documentation (choose OmniPlan Help from the Help menu) and a minor change to the inspectors to help indicate when no color is chosen for a particular attribute.

OmniPlan 4.1 also paves the way for macOS Big Sur, with work in progress refining the app for the look and feel of the upcoming operating system. Look for the full OmniPlan Big Sur update coming in OmniPlan 4.2.