Omni has HAD it with these snakes

Have you noticed that no one is exactly neutral about Snakes On a Plane? Either someone wants to see some blinkety-blank snakes on a blinkety-blank plane, or they really, really don't.

Case in point: we decided to host an Omni movie outing in honor of SOaP's opening day. Omni does this occasionally (see also: Star Wars, X-Men), but I think this is the first movie our employees are passionately divided about seeing.

Employee A: You mean the movie/internet phenomenon that involves both snakes, planes, and the promise of Samuel L. Jackson saying an R-rated phrase that we've all been dreaming of hearing for months on end? You bet your sweet patoot I'll be there, and I'll be wearing my snakes-on-a-hat!

Employee B: You're being serious. About this stupid movie that's going to suck. Um, no thanks, I'd rather drink paint.

Those of us that fall into the first camp will be at Cinerama today at 1:30, possibly sporting snake-themed clothing items. If you're in the area and up for a last minute outing, come join us! You know, unless you'd rather drink paint.


Sssssee you there.

(Heh. Ssssorry, I couldn't help mysssself.)