OmniWeb 5.5.4 beta 1 now available.

OmniWeb 5.5.4 beta 1 is now available! While this isn't a huge update it does address a couple issues that we think everyone will appreciate.

First, we've addressed a security issue (as reported here), this fix prevents code inside HTML comments to be executed that could occur in some circumstances.

Next, we fixed an issue with the history index that allows old content to get removed from the database. This means that your index should no longer grow to painfully large sizes and slow page loading performance down. Please note however, on first launch of 5.5.4 your history index file will be reset. This will not affect your History list but you will be required to revisit pages to include them in full text search of your history.

These in addition to some JavaScript and Localization fixes make up 5.5.4, you can get the full release notes here.

Then go download!