OmniWeb 5.5.1 beta 1 Now available.

Changes in 5.5.1 beta 1 include:

  • Updated the Finnish localization.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cookies to not be retrieved properly for sites with only a single domain (for example “localhost”).
  • Made the button labels on the “would you like to replace this password” dialog localizable.
  • Cleaned up the error page HTML.
  • Log HTTP responses when redirecting and HTTP logging is enabled.
  • Cleaned up the directory listing HTML.
  • Fixed a bug where urls with port specifications were being incorrectly interpreted, and required http:// before them to load.
  • Cherry-picked apple revision 13652, REGRESSION: XMLHttpRequest lowercase post requests broken, which was causing errors on pages such as, and other Ajax-type sites.
  • Restored some applescript functionality.

You can download here