OmniPlan 1.6 Sneaky Peek 1 Released!

Hey everybody! We've been hard at work on an update to OmniPlan 1.5.1 and wanted to ask for some brave volunteers to take OmniPlan 1.6 Sneaky Peek 1 for a spin.

Please keep in mind that this release is still under development and the Sneaky Peek designation means it hasn't been tested as much as our public betas have. There are many changes in this version which you can read about in our complete release notes here, but some of the highlights of this version include:

  • Importing Microsoft Project 2007 is now supported.
  • Dragging on the Gantt chart no longer gets stuck with some third party mouse input drivers (Wacom tablet mouse and Synergy keyboard/mouse sharing software, to name two).
  • Fixed a number of rounding errors that resulted in slightly incorrect or weirdly formatted time spans (“1h 1s”, or “59m 60s” instead of “1h”).

Your feedback will help us improve the software and we apologize if it breaks your computer, corrupts your files, and ruins your weekend. To quote the OmniPlan Sneaky Peek page, “Beyond this point there be dragons…”.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can contact us directly via our support page or by using the Send Feedback feature in your copy of OmniPlan.

If you understand the risks and still want to give our Sneaky Peek a try, you can download it here.