OmniPlan 1.5 RC 2 Released!

OmniPlan 1.5 RC 2 is now available and is a free update for existing OmniPlan 1.x owners. Thanks to all you brave testers out there, we're now closer than ever to releasing the final. If you find any issues in RC 2 please please please let us know as soon as you can. Also, if you're a Leopard user we strongly recommend that you use OmniPlan 1.5 instead because there are some known issues between OmniPlan 1.1.2 and Leopard.

Highlights of this version include a permanent solution to prevent the overlaid progress meter that comes up for some slow operations from forcing Spaces to switch to the space containing the document window. If you previously disabled the progress meter entirely as we suggested in the release notes for OmniPlan-1.5 beta 3, they will remain disabled until specifically reenabled. In a Terminal window, type “defaults delete com.omnigroup.OmniPlan LongOperationIndicatorDisabled” We also patched up the Automatic Software Update interface in the Italian localization.

To learn more about all the changes in OmniPlan 1.5, please see the release notes for more details!

Please keep in mind that this release is still under development. Your feedback will help us improve the software, and we apologize if it breaks your computer, corrupts your files, and ruins your weekend. A more stable release is also available. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can contact us directly via our support page or by using the Send Feedback feature in your copy of OmniPlan.

For current 1.5 beta users, you can use our nifty new software updater to download and install the new beta. For everyone else, go here to download the RC!