OmniPlan 1.0 now available

Download it here! And getcher license here!

Behold: OmniPlan 1.0 has shipped. And our Support Ninjas are READY.


Of course, now you're probably afraid to email them…because the monkey might get you.

As if that's not enough news for one morning, we have lowered OmniWeb's price to $14.95.

Also, don't forget our new quantity discounting system on the online store (buy two or more items and get 5% off your order, per additional item, up to a maximum of 30%)!

Also ALSO also, from today until the end of December, OmniPlan discounts are available to those of you who have purchased at least one other Omni product. For every product previously purchased (sorry, bundled software on Apple machines does not count), there will be an additional 5% off your OmniPlan purchase, up to 30%. Email us the license information from your software to get the discount.

Clearly, we've gone completely insane around here (especially the support staff). I recommend buying up some software before we come to our senses, or the monkey devours us all, whichever comes first.