OmniPlan 1.0 beta 7 is out

Release Notes:

  • New Features

    • Tasks have a priority setting which assists in leveling
    • Behavior of the enter key is now user configurable
    • Notes from OmniPlan can now be exported to iCal and included in HTML exports
    • Mini-Manual now available through the Help menu
    • The Show Overview command in the View menu provides an abstract view of all top-level tasks and groups in the project
    • Showing dates on milestones in the Gantt chart is now a separate View Options setting from showing assigned resources on tasks
    • When you drag tasks, they now snap to time units based on the zoom level
    • Duration and Effort totals added to the list of things that appear when left clicking at the bottom of the main window

  • Major Fixes

    • Importing
      • We've fixed a number of issues related to importing and exporting MS Project files. While we have fixed some problems, we know we still have more work to do, so please keep sending us bug reports!

    • Leveling
      • New leveling algorithm

        • The new leveling algorithm is faster, produces fewer hangs and behaves more predictably.
        • The details are:

          1. Order tasks by priority then by position in the outline
          2. From lowest priority up, position any tasks with absolute end limits (meaning they are locked or have an end constraint or are a prerequisite to another task which is locked or has an end constraint) as _late_ as it is possible for them to fit, so as to reserve worst-case space.
          3. From highest priority down, position tasks as early as allowable and will fit. This includes all the tasks in step 2 as well, which may be moved earlier because of this. If any tasks fail to fit at all, save them for later.
          4. With only remaining 'failed' tasks, from highest priority down, perform the same operation as in step 3. Some may fit now because a lower priority task with a reserved position in step 2 may have moved during its part of step 3. While any tasks are able to be positioned, repeat step 4 again with remaining failed tasks.

    • Calendar

      • Moving time blocks in the work schedule no longer misbehaves
      • Fixed crash when pushing arrow keys in Calendar Mode
      • Modifying time blocks no longer causes them to disappear

    • AppleScript Dates
      • The OmniPlan AppleScript library now handles NSDates correctly

    • Inspecting Multiple Tasks
      • It is now possible to edit multiple tasks at the same time

    • HTML Templates

      • Standardized and cleaned up the HTML in exported projects
      • Exporting resource information is more configurable
      • CSS for our exported HTML has been moved to a separate file
      • HTML exports are more compatible with Firefox and IE

    • Overhauled print options
    • OmniPlan's print settings now accept 2-digit months

  • Minor Fixes

    • Option-clicking a group in the Gantt view will now expand all hidden children
    • Resources no longer disappear from calendar view if you make the window tiny and resize it up again
    • A group's completion percentage now updates immediately when adjusting a subtask
    • Grouping tasks will now renumber properly
    • Assignment pane of the Task inspector now shows all resources
    • Users can now convert between task, group, and milestone from the contextual/action menu

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