OmniOutliner 3.9 Beta 2 Now Available

OmniOutliner 3.9 beta 2 is now available which fixes a handful of crashes introduced in beta 1. It also has a few improvements to the docx exporter such as retaining line breaks in row and note text and supporting PDFs. Also, when importing the docx files into Pages, attachments with spaces in the name will work, this includes LinkBack objects from OmniGraffle. This has not been addressed for MS Word yet but is something we'll be trying to for beta 3.

One other fix in this beta is for Dvorak users. We were finally able to solve the issue that prevented the 'Add Child' and 'Add Aunt' keyboard shortcut from working.

Please see the release notes for full details of the beta. And if you're using beta 1, remember you can now update through the app, just select the Check for Updates option under the OmniOutliner menu! Otherwise you can always download it from our website. If you have any feedback on this beta, please let us know by choosing Send Feedback from the Help menu or by sending an email to Thanks!