OmniOutliner 3.9 Beta 1 Now Available

OmniOutliner v3.9 beta 1 has arrived! It should be noted that OmniOutliner v3.9 and later will now require OS X v10.4.8 Tiger or later. We'll get to the reason for that in a bit.

One complaint we often hear from users is that they can't move their data out nicely into another app when they've finished their outlining stage. MS Word and Pages are often the apps they want to move to. Well we hopefully have a good solution for you. OmniOutliner Pro users will now have a new export format “Word 2007 Format (docx)” they can use. This exports to the OOXML format used in MS Word 2008 (Mac) and MS Word 2007 (Windows). As an added bonus, Pages '09 can import this format. Both Pages and Word have outline view modes now which will show you your document in a similar fashion to what you see in OO. In other view modes, you will see your document in a flat form. Your row level styles will be carried over into header styles as well, allowing for easy style modification. This can also be used as a way to share your OO documents with Windows users that also allows editing. OmniOutliner can not import the docx format however. For more in-depth details of the export format, please see the release notes.

Another new feature we've added is a new pasteboard type to work with our latest application, OmniGraphSketcher! If you have data in an OmniOutliner file you want to graph, you can simply copy and paste it into OGS regardless if you have checkboxes or handles showing.

So why the new OS requirement? Well we thought it was time to include the new software updater that our other apps have been using for a while now. Unfortunately, it doesn't run on 10.3.9. According to the software update statistics we have, it looks like a reasonable time to make this change. Hopefully those statistics are accurate!

This update is free to all licensed OmniOutliner 3 users. Like always, if you run into any problems or have any feedback, please contact our Support Ninjas by using the Help -> Send Feedback option or email them at If you're ready to give the beta a try, go and download it!