OmniOutliner 3.6.2 beta 1 is available

Release Notes:

  • Stability

    • Fixed failure to load files with corrupted named style references. Now, if a named style isn't found with a given unique identifier, we'll fall back to looking up by name. If that fails, we'll just drop the reference instead of failing to load the file at all.
    • Fixed crash when clearing the undo stack after having dragged in a URL and then undone that change.
    • Exporting to flat file formats (CSV, plain HTML, etc.) will no longer raise an error when the document has metadata set in the document Spotlight inspector.

  • Interface

    • The row expand/collapse animation will no longer be slow if you are holding down shift unless the animation is due to a mouse click. French keyboard users (where numbers require shift) will no longer see the slow animation when using the keyboard shortcuts to expand and collapse rows.
    • Tabbed inspector icons should be colored appropriate for the selection before the first time the inspector is loaded.
    • Styles applied to the document title tag as well as styles applied in the document header view should now be reflected in the printed output. In the case of a conflict, the style attribute set up in the document title view will win.
    • The spell checking panel 'Correct' button will now replace the first misspelled word when it is in a different row.
    • Inherited styles are now listed at the bottom of each section in the style attributes inspector. This this follows the most specific to least specific layout in the rest of the inspector.
    • Clicking on an attachment, pausing, and then dragging will now drag the attachment as a file reference instead of as a text clipping.

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