OmniObjectMeter 2.5 is now available

Changes in 2.5 include:

  • Known Issues
    • Using a symbol ordering file during linking will confuse OmniObjectMeter. Setting your Debug build style to not have a symbol ordering file will avoid this issue.

  • General

    • Minor updates to online Help.
    • Turned off some debug logging for release builds.

  • Performance

    • Caches demangled C++ symbol names.
    • Fixed some memory leaks in OOM itself. OOM still can't run on itself, sadly, or this would have been trivial.

  • Interface

    • Zombies are again selected correctly in the UI when hit (with zombie support enabled in preferences).
    • The restart button no longer warns if the target isn't currently running. Use 'Restart' in the warning instead of 'Terminate' if we we are restarting. Also, use sheets for both the restart and terminate warnings.
    • Multiple clicks on the app icon no longer create multiple open panels.
    • Added a 'Send Feedback' menu item.
    • Updated to latest About panel.

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