OmniGraphSketcher beta 5!

Hot on the heels of beta 4, we're releasing OmniGraphSketcher beta 5.

As promised last week, this beta includes support for Quick Look and Spotlight indexing. Older .ograph files will need to be re-saved to get these features. Quick Look and Spotlight are also now enabled for .graph files created with Robin Stewart Software Graph Sketcher.

We've added a menu command called “Make Current Styles Default” which saves your current fonts and axis visibility settings as defaults for future graphs.

Clicking the “Connect Points” button at the bottom of the data inspector will now connect points in the order they appear in the list (creation order), rather than from left to right. The other methods of connection (style inspector, Edit menu item) continue to connect from left to right.

OmniGraphSketcher documents in progress are now auto-saved. If you should experience a crash, your document will be reopened when you relaunch the application.

If OmniGraphSketcher does crash on you, please be sure to click the button to send us the crash report, which will help us make the final version as stable as humanly possible. If you have time to attach your file and/or tell us what you were doing when it crashed, that's even better.

You can check out the rest of the release notes and download beta 5 here (or just “Check for Updates…” within the application).