OmniGraphSketcher 1.1 public beta

Today we're happy to announce the public beta of OmniGraphSketcher 1.1. You can grab it via the beta download page.

So what's new? A lot! We had a great response to OmniGraphSketcher 1.0 and have been working hard on UI tweaks to make the graphing experience even better, as well as a few frequently requested features:

  • Error Bars: We've been hinting at this for a while, but OmniGraphSketcher can now detect parallel data series and automatically convert them into error bars, as well as create error bars with user-specified offsets.
  • Support For LinkBack: Now when you “Copy as Image” and paste your graph into OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner or any other Linkback-compliant application, you can double-click the pasted image to edit it directly in OmniGraphSketcher. Saving your changes in OmniGraphSketcher will update the linked graph image.
  • Tracing: The OmniGraphSketcher canvas can now be made transparent, allowing you to position the graph window over an existing document and transfer data simply by drawing.

What about those UI tweaks? We've adjusted many tool behaviors for consistency within the application, as well as across our product range. Option-drag now duplicates graph objects, the tab key cycles through labels, and snapping works better in all tools (and when you're trying to snap both to an object and to vertical/horizontal). It's also much easier to add a new point to an existing series: just select a line and one or more free-floating points, then click one of the line-type buttons on the style inspector.

There's a ton more stuff listed in the beta release notes, so you'll have something to read while your download finishes. We look forward to your feedback!