OmniGraffle 4.2 beta 3 is now available

New name, same as the old name.

So, enough folks gave feedback about appending the major version number in the Finder name, plus we felt we could do better, so this particular version sports just plain old OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Professional.

However, you may notice that when dragging version 4.2 beta 3 to your Applications folder that it does not replace the existing version that may have the same name. Instead, it lives alongside the older version in strange harmony like some uncomfortable doppelganger.

How can this be? I'll let the gentle reader guess, unless they want to cheat and go look at the release notes.

Please note that this will require manually getting rid of your old versions of OmniGraffle, but on the other hand it means that licensed users of Graffle 3 or Graffle 2 won't accidentally replace their old version with one that requires an upgrade fee.

Other goodies in this release are a spanky new disk image background with an alias to the Applications folder, and more importantly a fix to a crash when saving files with placed images that was plaguing the current pool of beta testers.

So, go, download, enjoy!