OmniFocus wins Best of Show, TMO Editor's Choice awards

Exciting news! OmniFocus has won a Best in Show award at the Macworld Expo this year. Oh man, I LOVE Best in Show. You know, “Now tell me, which one of these dogs would you want to have as your wide receiver on your football team?” – seriously, such a great movie.

Er, wait. Wrong Best in Show. This is the annual Macworld feature presentation that honors those products that have pushed the boundaries of innovation, quality, and overall creativity. Well, that's even cooler than a mockumentary about dog shows. Here's what the good people at Macworld wrote about OmniFocus:

“Plenty of Mac programs will help you manage your to-do list (including a few that are built right into OS X), but OmniFocus ($80) is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen. Like many of these to-do apps, it’s optimized for the Getting Things Done task-management system: That means Omnifocus makes it easy to capture new to-do items anytime one occurs to you, and it lets you assign to-do items to both projects and contexts (the latter being GTD-speak for where or how you’ll accomplish the job). Omnifocus also integrates nicely with OS X: it’ll sync with iCal, you can add tasks via e-mail, and you can search your to-do list with Spotlight. You can view your upcoming tasks from multiple perspectives—by project, context, as part of a project-planning outline—yet the interface is nice and clean.”

Wow, right? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Not only that, but it seems OmniFocus also received an Editor's Choice award from The Mac Observer. TMO's first Editor's Choice Awards include 12 products that they feel represent the best of the best of the products being shown at Macworld, and we're thrilled to be included on their list. They wrote:

“As with seemingly all of The Omni Group's products, the company has developed a very Mac-oriented solution with OmniFocus that works very well, is easy to use, and is a cut above competing products.”

Congratulations to the other Awards winners, and a huge thank you to Macworld and The Mac Observer for the honors!