OmniFocus: not really an update

We've received a number of…um, spirited requests lately for an update on OmniFocus. As it turns out, when people are excited about a product that's under development, they really don't want to hear about your Wii-outings.

They probably also don't want to read an ongoing series of blog posts titled “Will Rowan Eat It?” (with apologies to Steve) featuring random disgusting food items being offered to Rowan, our developer who claims he can eat anything, with photos and zany commentary, and for that I say WELL THANKS A LOT, there goes my whole blog raison d'etre for December.

You people, with your demands for “actual news” and rejections of “filler content”. God.

Anyway, so OmniFocus. Okay, the news is this: we're still working on it.

The end!

(Now do you see why I had dreamed up that whole distract-them-with-Rowan thing? We were going to make him eat a live squid!)

Seriously, that's about all the news I have. Work continues. We're pretty slammed right now, resource-wise, with trying to get the final version of OmniPlan out the door, so hopefully once Plan ships we'll be able to ramp back up on OmniFocus. We do have two full time developers on OmniFocus right now, though, so there is progress basically every day.

We want to get a working version of Focus in your hands as soon as possible, something that provides the same basic functionality that Kinkless, Quicksilver and OmniOutliner do in one intuitive app, but this is Omni, and so we're also trying to curb our desire for OmniFocus 1.0 to include more of the in-depth functionality we really, really want it to have.

Just to make everything more confusing there are lots of features in Leopard that would help OmniFocus immensely. If, that is, 10.5 were available, and everyone was using it.

Anyway, please do stay tuned. We are hoping to have a little more to talk about during Macworld. Or maybe we'll just bring Rowan to our booth and let people feed him things.