OmniFocus meetup in S.F. on 6/10/08

For those of you planning on attending WWDC next week, clear your dance card for Tuesday evening, because Omni is throwing a HOT PARTY. Well, a MILDLY WARM party, anyway. Although, I guess it's not technically a party … more of, well, a get-together for OmniFocus users and those interested in learning more about OmniFocus.

Yeah, that's it: we're hosting a product-specific meetup – that's at least a few degrees above tepid! I hear Paris Hilton will be there.

Join us for a 90-minute OmniFocus discussion presented by everyone's favorite productivity expert and innappropriate-balloon-animal artist, Merlin Mann, and our own resident Smarty McPantserton, Ken Case. They'll be talking about new features in OmniFocus 1.1 (like Mac-to-Mac syncing), discussing other coming-soon items, answering questions (those which we can address without having to kill you, of course), and possibly performing a quick Russian squat kick dance for those who request it.

(No promises on that last one.)

Mark it on your calendars:

What: OmniFocus meetup

When: Tuesday, June 10th 2008, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Where: W Hotel (map), San Francisco • 3rd Floor, Workroom 2

Please RSVP. Max capacity for the room is 150, so make sure you arrive on time to snag a good seat.