OmniDazzle 1.0.1 Now Available.

by Troy on November 1, 2006

No Changes were made between beta 2 and this final release but changes since 1.0 include:




  • On the Mac Pro, if the video card is a NVIDIA 7300 and there is more than 2GB of memory, Pixie Dust is disabled. This avoids a bug in Mac OS X where the entire machine will crash. We will enable this again when Apple fixes this problem.

  • Fixed a crash in OmniDazzle when using Focal Point on Photoshop.




  • Made several interface strings localizable

  • Added a French localization




  • Added workaround for bug in the Accessibility support in Mac OS X that would cause crashes when Focal Point queried menus or popups in other applications in some cases.

  • Help pages now have individual titles for improved searching.

  • Pressing the escape key with the Zoom plug-in with the selection indicator still active now also marks the screen 'clear' so you no longer have to manually do this to use the plug-in again.

  • Added correction to the software update query to avoid reporting incorrect data.