Not yet the great reveal

You know, I thought we'd get maybe 20 guesses or so on what Brand New Secret Product is. Not HUNDREDS. Holy, uh, fiddlesticks.

So this is one of those occasions when us marketing weasels have to decide between silence, subterfuge, or straightforwardness. And other terms that begin with the letter “S”, like “snake oil” (as in, Our powerful, extensible solution creates a paradigm shift in infrastructure core competencies).

We're going with a large serving of straightforwardness, with a hint of silence on the side and a sprinkling of delicious, bacony subterfuge. (There's a reason we're called weasels, after all.)

Some of you guessed correctly about what Brand New Secret Product is. Some of you are clearly insane and made us laugh until we sprayed Jamba Juice out our collective nostrils. And some of you – check that, LOTS of you – guessed that we're building some kind of GTD app.

Brand New Secret Product is not a GTD app. However, we have been talking very seriously about building a GTD app, and collaborating with our friends Ethan and Merlin, and hearing so many of you tell us that you're interested in that kind of software…well, we would really, really like to come up with something. We have some awesome ideas for how it could work.

In a couple weeks we're sitting down with some folks here in Seattle and brainstorming what this GTD app might do, and how we might be able to get it out the door in a timely manner. We do have a lot on our plates these days, and we're not a big company; we just don't know yet if we have the resources. But! If you would like to send us ideas, feature requests, or just a plea for us to make it happen, please email, in the next week if possible. (OmniTask is our code name. Shhhhhh.)

There: some straightforwardness.

Now for the subterfuge! Well, not exactly, but here's another annoying image of Brand New Secret Product – not blurred this time, but clipped so only a piece of it shows. Go nuts, CSI-enhancers.


And the silence: we're not going to tell you what B.N.S.P. is just yet. But very, very soon we will have more info and a public beta. I think some of you (no, we're not saying how many!) are going to be really happy.

P.S. Yes, those of you who guessed correctly will be hearing from me shortly about the private beta. Booyah!