Not spring, but time for cleaning

So, Omni's been here for a while, and in that time, we've accumulated a bunch of… stuff. For your edification and delight on this All Hallows' Eve, I quote you this 100% real email which was circulated today.

(Edit: said email was circulated by Molly, our operations manager. She threatened to slap me with a plagiarism suit and/or a licensing fee unless I gave her a byline.)

Items that were moved to the garage today and are ready to be either claimed or recycled include:

  • True Lies poster
  • Mad Dog & Glory poster
  • Episode 1 poster (framed)
  • Disco Light
  • Assorted Super Soakers/Nerf Guns
  • Plastic Millennium Falcon
  • Assorted Halloween decorations
  • Assorted Halloween hats … or everyday hats if that's how you roll
  • Easel pads
  • Red glass Xmas tree balls
  • black leather ottoman
  • sundry toys
  • pots n pans
  • fish tank
  • broken vacuum
  • broken steam cleaner
  • green iMac … strangely this particular iMac also has a case?
  • Fixin's for a fountain
  • Robotics set
  • Xmas tree stand
  • lightbulbs
  • car cleaning supplies
  • box 'o bar clamps, hammers, and other sundry tools

So there you have it. A little slice of OmniLife, as in the slice that's full of the stuff that we stick in an attic for ten years, cover with dust and the detritus that comes with repairing the roof without moving said items (getting roof-crud all over them), and finally just giving it all to a nice company that promises to recycle as much of this stuff as can possibly be recycled.

Fear our packratting, for it is legend.