Not just Hump Day; also OmniPlan Ship Day

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love you, tomorrow! It's only a dayyyyy awayyyy!

Why thank you, I do have a beautiful singing voice, don't I? Like melodious church bells, one might say. Or a dying goat. You know, whichever.

So! OmniPlan is shipping tomorrow. We are all greatly relieved completely sick of betas really looking forward to making the final release available to you guys.

By the time a product finally ships, there have been so many months of feature definition and coding and UI reviews and documentation and bugfixing, it's almost sort of anticlimactic to just…post some stuff on a website. There should be fireworks, I'm thinking. And maybe a tuba.

Well, since we don't have those things, when you see OmniPlan go live tomorrow, please imagine some fireworks, a tuba, and the musical intonations of a dying goat accompanying your download.

We've also made some changes to our online store that will be available tomorrow. Basically, we added a quantity discounting system that – as long as you are purchasing 2 or more items at the same time - gives you 5% off your order, per additional item, up to a maximum of 30%.

Jeez, did that make any kind of sense? So if you buy a copy of OmniPlan as well as copies of, say, OmniDazzle and OmniWeb, you will get a 10% discount on your order.

Or, if I switch just for a moment to marketing weasel-ese: buy more, pay less! (Sort of!)

Also, for license-holders of PMX, FastTrack Schedule, Merlin, ConceptDraw Project, there will be a $60 rebate available to you if you license OmniPlan. You'll need proof of purchase for those apps, which you'll need to send to us. There will be an Official Rebate Form posted tomorrow, which may not warrant a tuba accompaniment, but perhaps an oboe?

ANYWAY. Congratulations to everyone that's worked on OmniPlan, and many thank-yous to those of you who beta-tested for us.

Come back tomorrow for hot-off-the-presses shipping software! Go ahead, crash our website with your many many downloads! WE DARE YOU!

(Did that work? How about if I double-dog dare you?)