New! (ish) version of OmniDiskSweeper

In case you missed the mind-bending breathtaking riveting mildly interesting news, we released a new version of OmniDiskSweeper a short while back, our first non-beta update since….um….well, since 2003.

Hush up, we've been busy. Dammit, people, we're a software company, not miracle workers! Or magicians! Or…bricklayers.

Anyway, the current version includes the rich, creamery Universal binary goodness, and what I typically refer to as “a number of improvements” because reading release notes makes my left eyelid twitch.

Happily, DiskSweeper 1.5 also now offers a revolutionary documentation technology called online help. And the refreshing smell of mint.

“Wait,” you may be saying, one hand methodically stroking your goatee as you gaze thoughtfully off into space, “can't I just use the Finder to find and delete files?”

Uh, yes. Yes you can.

(My marketing fu is very strong.)

However! DiskSweeper highlights the biggest files on your drives, so it's super handy for finding gigantor space-hogs like all those Numa Numa videos you downloaded. Since that was soooooo 2005, you should probably make room for the “Snakes on a Plane” trailer, you know?

In conclusion, the new version is here. Enjoy!