New from the Omni Group: OmniGraphSketcher

Exciting news from Omni today, friends: we've got a brand-new product for you to try out. Introducing … OmniGraphSketcher.

Okay, technically it's not brand new, if you're going to be a stickler about “the truth” and all. OmniGraphSketcher was created by Robin Stewart, who designed what was originally called Graph Sketcher in 2003 while he was attending Williams College, and continued working on it at MIT where it was the basis of his master's thesis. Now that Robin's employed at Omni, he was kind enough to bring Graph Sketcher along with him, and for the last six months Omni has been hard at work developing the latest version of what is now OmniGraphSketcher.

What IS this product with the name that takes forever to type, you say? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED. OmniGraphSketcher is a fast, simple tool that combines the data plotting power of charting applications with the ease of a basic drawing program. In short, you use it to make graphs. Precise, sharp-looking graphs, even.

OmniGraphSketcher is designed for reports, presentations, and problem sets where you need to produce accurate, presentation-worthy graphs on the fly. You can just click and draw lines, shade in areas, connect and align objects, and add labels as you go. Or, copy and paste data from a spreadsheet into OmniGraphSketcher. All adjustments are displayed in real time, so fine tuning is a breeze.

Whether you need to make economics diagrams, illustrate a science project, display marketing data, or just re-publish the well-known Cat Proximity Phenomenon, voila – OmniGraphSketcher to the rescue. Fast, simple graph drawing, without the hassle of using a complicated data visualization program. WIN.

OmniGraphSketcher is currently in beta, and licenses are available for $29.95. Educational and family pricing are available from the Omni Group's online store.

Note: if you're an existing Graph Sketcher customer, you're eligible for a free upgrade to OmniGraphSketcher, and will receive notification of your upgrade status via email.

You can follow OmniGraphSketcher on Twitter at @OmniGS.

Now, go forth and download! You can use OmniGraphSketcher in unlicensed mode for a two-week trial, with no restrictions. Enjoy!