Moving day

After twelve years here at 2707 NE Blakeley, Omni is moving offices—we've finally outgrown our beloved pet-detritus-encrusted building and we're moving on up to the … uh, let's consult a map for a second here … well, not to the east side, more like a southwesternly direction. And it's not really a deluxe apartment in the sky, more like a nice roomy new office building on the ground, so—yeah, just forget the whole thing where I was going to try and work in The Jeffersons theme song to this blog entry.

It's been a slightly terrifying effort to get everything packed up and either recycled or readied for moving; remember this thrilling list of Omni Attic Contents? (No? You say you don't read every single non-useful, non-product related blog entry we post? FINE.) I think we all received about thirty more emails just like that, except even longer, with even weirder items on the list (for instance, copying and pasting directly from a few messages: birthday candles, For Lease sign, “Goblin Green” spray paint, full can of baby powder). Big props to Molly and Trish, our office wranglers who have managed to coordinate all of the moving-related chaos without threatening to kill any employees.


(Also, I feel compelled to tell you that one of the older, more embarrassing games discovered in our dusty game archive shelves is called “Panty Raider”. Game description: you play as Nelson, an innocent bystander forced to help aliens in their search for supermodels in underwear.)

Tomorrow is our official move day, and we'll be settling into our new location starting next week. If you experience any delays in hearing back from us in the next few days, this is why. In theory we should be up and running again Monday morning, but that assumes no networking SNAFUs, employees wandering around looking for their office, or horrifying discovery that the new building is actually built on an ancient Indian burial ground. WAIT OMNI DO NOT GO INTO THE LIGHT.

Farewell Blakeley building, you have served us well. Sorry about all the cat hair we're leaving behind.