Marching slowly but surely towards beta

We were having a discussion this morning about OmniFocus and the work that remains to be done before we can post a beta. The opinion was put forth that a personal productivity app that is even so much as 90% completed might as well not work at all, since it would inevitably disrupt your workflow and ultimately reduce your productivity rather than improve it.

I can see how this might be so, but I'm interested in what you guys think. Would you rather start using an early, incomplete beta version of OmniFocus with—potentially—some missing features, or would you prefer to wait until the app is feature-complete and (mostly) guaranteed not to suck?

(DISCLAIMER: no such guarantee actually implied.)

At the moment, the question is sort of moot because the app is definitely not ready for beta, or sneaky peek, or even for posting screenshots. We've got a few big features to wrestle into place, and a lot of bug-crushing and UI-polishing, and only a small team of engineers to get it all done.

As we look ahead to the steps towards final release, though, it would be nice to get your opinion on the process. We know a lot of you have been waiting and WAITING to start using Focus, and I promise we are working really hard to get it in your hands.