Macworld swag that doesn't suck

Rejected swag items for our booth at the Macworld Expo next week:

• Jellybeans in novelty flavors: Black Licorice, Cumin, Uncoated Aspirin, Gorgonzola

• Foam lightbulb squeeze toy with “I CAN HAZ BRITE IDEAZ?” imprinted on side

• Cadmium-coated fountain pen

• Baby Alive “Wets & Wiggles” doll

• Custom hemp/lanolin blend t-shirt

• Scratch-n-sniff iPads

If you're going to Macworld, make sure to stop by #760 for some actual non-crappy tradeshow stuff, including an Omni Geek-Friendly Field Notebook. For those that buy our software at the show you'll receive a 1GB USB stick, lovingly hand-crafted from both bamboo and awesome.

We hope to see you there!