It's alive! OmniOutliner 3.7 beta 1 is here, now with QuickLook!

I know things have been rather quiet on the OmniOutliner front, but 3.7 beta 1 is now available! Highlights include:

  • QuickLook support - It's dynamically created with XSLT using the same transform as the dynamic HTML export. This means you can expand and collapse sections in the preview.
  • New high-res icons for 10.5
  • OmniFocus protocol support so you can script or type in OmniFocus links
There's also a number of bug and crash fixes included. A big one being that we've changed how backup saves are handled for file wrappers (the default file format). The backup copy will now be saved to the hidden file .OOBK inside the wrapper. This is to work around a 16 MB file size limit that was discovered. If you've edited your document to be a flat file, it will still save to the resource fork of the file with the 16 MB size limit. 

You can download the beta here and read the full release notes here. And as always, if you have any feedback or bug reports, please contact our Support Ninjas using the Send Feedback option under the Help menu or at