Introducing: OmniDazzle

Well, I told you it was coming soon, and for once I wasn't proven a snake-oil-shilling-LIAR. Yay! The OmniProduct is now available as a public beta, and we can all stop calling it “OmniProduct” and start calling it “OmniDazzle”.

No, really. That's the name. Shut up, we like it.

So, OmniDazzle. What is it? Why, you may as well ask what it isn't. I mean, it isn't…well, it isn't a meatball maker, I can tell you THAT much.

Basically, it's a set of plug-ins designed to highlight certain areas of your screen and your mouse pointer. Clear as mud? When OmniDazzle is open, various plug-ins can be activated to professionally emphasize a section of your screen, or turn your mouse movement into an area of focus that trails visual effects across your desktop.

Visual effects range from pixie dust to spotlights to dog footprints. What can I say, the engineers are completely nuts creative.

I believe OmniDazzle began as a fun project several months ago when all of Omni started using 30” Cinema Displays. People were occasionally losing their cursors in the giant eyeball-straining expanse of screen, which is truly a bizarre phenomenon and one you can't really complain about without sounding obnoxious (“Oh dear, my massive diamond ring makes my hand too heavy!”).

OmniDazzle first only offered silly ways to locate your cursor, and then we started adding some effects that are actually really useful for doing demos, or taking screenshots, or calling attention to specific parts of your screen.

Now? It's, as our own Joel says, “a playfully practical pixel–pointer program offering mesmerizing mouse movements”.

Please take a look! We're hoping to only have it in beta for a couple weeks. The beta will be unlicensed, but you can grab an expiring license here; the final release will have a demo mode (an hour, I believe, before you have to buy a license or restart the app) and will cost $14.95.

All right. Go forth and enjoy!