I Like Coffee

Man, do I like coffee – it's total go-juice, like it's like airplane fuel for grown-ups, nothing gets me up and running like a piping hot cup o' joe, and I don't go for that whole latte/mocha/whatever-o-chino that the hoity-toity coffeeshops sell, I just like a good strong cuppa joe (preferably percolated) with maybe even a shot of espresso dropped in it, like it was some sort of coffee boilermaker, man, that would be so totally awesome that all the tea in China would have to bow down before it and energy drinks would hang their heads in shame, I don't even like to put sugar or creamer in my coffee but James showed me this trick where just a little unrefined sugar in an americano can make it taste exactly like really good drip, and that makes me wonder, how can espresso be so darn fast, even if you use a french press you have to wait for the coffee to steep but if you're using an espresso machine it's practically instant without tasting like yucky instant coffee, I gotta figure out how that all works out and then make a miniature version and patent it and I'll be super-rich, or maybe I could sell the idea or we could make some really cool app for controlling coffee makers over the internet, anyways I gotta go now, need to make another cup of coffee.