Hey Internets

Some people have expressed… concern over OmniDazzle's price, saying that $14.95 is too much to ask for a cursor locator. Well, I want them to know…

Hey Internets

Here you see the Scribble plug-in at work. I use Cutout to highlight stuff for screenshots, Zoom to check fine details on interface elements, and Focal Point to avoid distractions while I'm writing in OmniOutliner.

In fact, I think Focal Point is my favorite part of OmniDazzle. Here's how I have it set up while I'm working in OmniOutliner:

Focal Point

No border, and a low-transparency dark background color. This way I don't see 16 applications across 30 inches of Cinema Display, shining in my face, while I'm trying to concentrate on writing.

Of course, if you've lost your cursor, there are free ways to find it. There are also free web browsers, free outliners, and free graphics applications. But price isn't the only variable involved; we believe in the idea, yeah, we thrive on the idea that it's worth paying money for something really, really cool.